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the idea

Fish Can Talk was born with the aim of providing effective language training aimed at continuously increasing the value of the employees entrusted to us. We are more than a traditional language school. We are distinguished by creativity, innovation and endless layers of humour and positive energy, which make the process of learning English as effective as pleasant.

the concept

The company works under the concept of “boutique training”, with personalized attention, providing “customized” assistance. As each customer varies depending on their learning background, professional context, needs, and the market in which they operate, each particular course will be analyzed with a holistic and integrative vision to reach a solution adapted to every need.

Szkolenia Językowe Warszawa

Our services are addressed to:




Senior Executives

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs)


In a nutshell, to anyone who wants to speak English fluently and accurately. Whether you want to polish your business English skills, refresh your general English, or simply learn English from scratch.  Here, at Fish Can Talk, we have the answer how to do it efficiently, effectively and stress-free


Effective Language Trainings Warsaw

Fish Can Talk Paweł Zalewski

tel. : +48 730 940 920
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